Check out my latest 2D character, in case you can’t tell its a purple alien… sort of a mix between a classic purple genie and a graffiti like art you might see on some brick wall… ha ha! I drew this guy on my iPad with the Apple Pencil using my favorite vector app called “Graphic

Vector Art


The reason I like Graphic, is because it allows me to draw a line then go back and move it, or change its settings like width and shape… I also love a list of presaved brushes or strokes that you can use giving the strokes amazing variety and style. Once the lines were finished i sent it over to my laptop and used Adobe Flash to add colors, shading, shadows…etc.

From Flash I simply exported the image as PNG but its 100% vector art. Even the cool glow effect was done in flash using overlay blend mode.

I think he turned out pretty cool, hope you like him as well…

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