Buy 3d Cartoon Models

Hey guys, this week I modeled a Cartoon Creature in zbrush 4R7. I built this using Dynamesh and zSpheres.

Here is the detailed dynamesh sculpt:


Once the body was complete, i moved on to adding more subtools such as teeth, eyes, nails, tongue and horns!


Next, was the fun part of polypainting and adding more little details… using alphas


After that, I unwraped the character using uvMaster and moved on to Maya for rigging and animation. Here is the low poly mesh after it was zRemeshed. I am pretty happy with the final poly count at 3,487 faces. I brought the subtools (teeth, tongue and horns) as separate meshes using goZ, and recreated the nails using a simple box in Maya in order to keep the geometry clean and low poly.

Low Poly Maya version


This is the final unity 3d animated model:

If you have questions or comments please post below.