Muscle Man Super Hero


PLEASE NOTE: For Glowing (Bloom) Effect to work you have to install the Post Processing via Package Manager first. Then import the unity package file, so that the eyes and the back symbols would glow. If you open the Emission Map in photoshop you can change your own glowing design very easily.

File Format: FBX, UnityPackage (Includes animations, usable with any Modern Game Engine)


3D Game Character: VR, Low Poly, Mobile Friendly, Unity3D, Unreal, 3D Game Asset, Animated

Rigged Using Maya 2020 Human IK, so it will work with any motion file.

The character comes with a few animations: fighting pose, walking, running, if you need more please reach out.

PBR textures using Substance Painter
(all maps 2k) If you need higher resolution, please contact me and I will provide it.

Faces: 5k 
Tris: 10k

3D Game Model optimized for Game Engines, Mobile, and VR.
If you need any assistance do not hesitate to reach out.


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