Cartoon Blue Bird


File Format: FBX + UNITY PACKAGE (2020)

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Blue Bird is a 3D Animated Game Model specifically created for Unity3D or Unreal game engines, but it could be used in any modern 3d game engine or short film. It is a low poly mobile optimized game asset exported out with all the animations as a FBX file, which you could simply drop right into your existing game project.


This 3d model was created in zBrush, then rigged in Autodesk Maya using the Human IK setup. All the textures were created in Substance Painter, so they can be exported in any resolution. This 3d model currently includes the 2k textures.


The character comes with 11 fun premade animations but because it is using the Human IK skeleton from Maya it will work with any motion capture data file. If you require specific animations please get in touch with me.


3D Alien Game Character: VR, Low Poly, Mobile Friendly, Unity3D, Unreal, 3D Game Asset, Animated


Cartoon Blue Bird Animations
Idle: 1-322
Breathing: 331-383
Yelling: 392-463
Big Speech: 474-894
Confused: 902-1158
Saying NO: 1167-1282
Saying YES: 1291-1378
Talking: 1387-1483
Jumping: 1492-1576
Walking: 1585-1666
Flying: 1674-1701

Rigged Using Maya 2019 Human IK, so it will work with any motion file.

PBR textures
(all maps 2k) If you need higher resolution, please contact me and I will provide it.

Faces: 5425
Verts: 5441
Tris: 10774

3D Game Model optimized for Game Engines, Mobile, and VR.
If you need any assistance do not hesitate to reach out.


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